Hello world!

Welcome to MY WORLD!

I am a woman who is not afraid of change and am embarking on a new chapter in my life. I suppose I should say, “OUR life”. My husband (of 26+ years) and I were both born in California and have just moved to the Missouri Ozarks! We are not retired but are joining the mass exodus from California and shifting gears into a new stage of life at the same time.

What is important for happiness or success? That question may be answered differently by almost every person you ask. For us, it isn’t in the things we own but in the quality of life. It includes preparing ourselves for the future, as best as we can. It includes making time and having space to do some of the things we love: God, art, crafts, gardening, reading, genealogy, computer, friends and family…in no particular order, of course!

What do we love about Missouri? We love the green trees and hills of the Ozarks and enjoy the clouds and noisy storms. We love how little traffic there is (compared to California) and we love living in the country where we can enjoy the deer, rabbits, squirrels, birds and frogs we’ve already seen here! We love the great real estate prices and we love having all four seasons and the fact that our winters are usually pretty mild, as winters go.
What don’t we love? Well, we haven’t been here very long but we hate the humidity and heat…although we hated the heat in California and everywhere else we’ve gone, too! The standard thing we hear said about the humidity is that it’s only a problem about 6 weeks out of the year. It was true this year.

80% to 90% of the people that we told of our impending move to Missouri said, “Why would you want to move to ‘Misery’? Well, I guess I’ve just told you…and I’ll add that I think Missouri is one of America’s best kept secrets! I’ve traveled through most of the western United States and we found ourselves missing Missouri so we came back and settled here. I guess it helps that the real estate values are so good that we were able to get out of debt with the exception of a small mortgage.

That was another reason we moved here…besides the fact that we felt God was leading us here. Like most Americans, we are not financially prepared for our retirement. As it stands now, we have taken a giant step towards being ready when that time comes. If it comes before we hope, we’ve even gotten ourselves prepared for that possibility. Next, we plan on getting ready for potential crises by stocking up on things to get us through times of disaster.

Now, don’t get me wrong. We are absolutely at peace! We are not acting in fear but in wisdom. We KNOW that God is our source and our strength. He has gotten us through so many difficult days thus far and we know He is completely able to continue to keep us. The difference is that we feel He is WANTING us to do this. We don’t HAVE to always be RESCUED from disasters. Whenever possible, we SHOULD try to be ready for difficult times…and maybe help others, too!

As I said earlier, happiness and success mean different things to different people. In times of crisis, I think that will change because we will all be looking for the same things to survive. If you agree and want to begin to get ready for hard times, I would suggest you begin by thinking of the depression and start to prepare yourselves for that scenario. And if you don’t have a personal relationship with the God who created the universe, I want you to know that He loves you more than you can begin to comprehend and has made provision for you both here on earth and for all eternity, as well! There is no need for His children to fear. Even in difficult times, we are never alone…and when our lives are over, we do not fear death. On the contrary, while most do not relish leaving our loved ones behind and most of us have more we want to accomplish here, we nevertheless look forward to the day when we will SEE HIM FACE TO FACE! He never leaves us or “forsakes” us here on earth…and that’s a wonderful thing…but the Bible says that when we die, we’ll be in His presence! Think of that! The God who SPOKE THE WORLD INTO EXISTENCE is ever with us and better still, will personally greet us when we leave these earthly bodies of flesh! Now, THAT’S a reason to say, “Yes!” to Jesus! If you’d like to discuss this further, I invite you to email me. It’s a little easier to chat when you aren’t worried that others will be listening in.

Thanks for reading my blog. I look forward to getting to know you, too! If I already know you, thanks for reading…and please, keep in touch! The Bible says that a three-fold cord is not easily broken and one way of interpreting that is to say that we are better together than apart. Let’s hold each other up in prayer and be willing to be real with each other, always remembering to treat each other in love, loving each other as we love ourselves and in ways that are pleasing to our Heavenly Father. We will reap as we have sown so the question is, “What are we sowing?” Ah, but that sounds like the title of another blog. I’m falling into the trap of feeling like my first blog is my last and including way too much info! Hahaha! Sorry for data-dumping on you all!

So, don’t be a stranger. What’s on YOUR mind today?

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