What do I love?

Hi! I used to have this under the About Me Section but it didn’t show on my site and when I created a blog for our painting business, it showed up there…and I didn’t want it to…so I decided to make it into a post…

I love so many things about my life! I love God and knowing that HE loves ME! I love my husband and knowing that HE loves me, too! I don’t deserve either of them! I love our children and grandchildren and am still amazed that they’re all such wonderful and individual people!

I love trees, hills and winding roads. I love learning and the internet, genealogy and weather! I love singing and reading, worship and praise! I love my husband’s cooking and spending time with him doing just about anything!

I love helping others and leading people to God and the answers only He can give. I actually love change because God is always calling us to grow and learn and change just naturally goes with that!

I grew up in a home of eight children so maybe that’s why I love being part of a team, working together towards the same goal. Hahaha! That does NOT mean that we were ever working towards the same goal in my family! Don’t EVEN think THAT!!! Come to think of it, mabe that’s WHY I love being a part of a team…I am a middle child who wanted that and it probably helped point me in that direction. Hmmm…

Well, I think that tells you a lot about me. So, tell me…what do we have in common?

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