What I’ve learned this year…

Here at the close of 2006, I pause for reflection and consider what have I learned this year. Some things are more important than others…yet all are significant in some way and a few say something about the world around me, too…

With Saddam’s execution, I have learned that justice in Iraq can be swift.

In moving from CA to MO, I learned to take chances and trust God to work all the details out. I also learned that selling a home and finding a new one often takes longer than you think.

When one of my vehicle registrations expired while I was on the road and then others needed new tags before I got stuff from storage and went through it, not to mention getting approved for a home loan, I learned to take all of your important papers with you including birth certificates, auto paperwork and two years of tax info with you when you go. Do NOT pack them with your stuff in storage!

With so much time in transition, I learned there’s still such a thing as having a General Delivery mailing address.

Being snowed in for days, I learned to stock up for more time than you think you’ll need and to refill water jugs in case the power goes out and the toilet doesn’t flush.

Watching stories of the family on TV that was stranded in their car in Oregon, I learned that I wanted to keep blankets, water and other emergency supplies in the car.

With a new kitten that never goes outside, I learned that all the fleas don’t die with one or even two month’s applications of Advantage flea treatment.

In the process of living for months without all my stuff, I’ve learned that I really don’t need it all.

In watching the news and so many crime shows on TV, I’ve learned that things are not all they seem at first glance.

Having just celebrated our 27th wedding anniversary, my husband and I have learned that love does become like a fine wine. It gets better with age!

Since so much of what we learn is just a reminder, a refresher course, we were also reminded of how important it is to marry the right person in the first place! 😉 Some things…er…people, you just can’t fix!

Well, that’s enough for now. I’d love to hear from some of you since I’m sure the list is absolutely endless!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Cindi
    Jan 07, 2007 @ 02:38:11

    Hieee!!! LOVE the retrospectives!!!!! Cooooool!!!!!! I want to send this to my friend Sarah. Will You let me know if I can include her into your private place???? As your older sister, I feel your pain. ha!ha!ha! I’ll always see You as the girl (pictured in the shadow on this web page) who had all the energy to dance till dawn. Remember the floppy hat you wore in the 70’s????? ha!ha!ha! Still you sister! LOVIN’ YOU!!!!!! Cindi HAPPEEE NEW YEAR!!! GOD BLESS US Everyone!!!!


  2. mrsrogers
    Jan 07, 2007 @ 04:35:46

    You sure can, Cindi! I often feel like I’m baring my soul in some of these blogs and putting myself at risk of being criticized but I think it is important to “be real”…otherwise, what are we? Besides, how can we ever encourage others to be real if we only show them the pretty side of us? And if we never are real, how can we grow or help others grow, either?

    It’s kind of funny to realize that we have achieved the age where we are sometimes the older women teaching the younger…at least, we’re older in the Lord than many of them.

    I have only shared this site with a few people and you’re the first to comment. Thanks for doing that! I want to be sure you know that they are public comments…so you’ll want to be sure to not reveal anything private in them. 😉

    I’m sure Sarah will appreciate you thinking of her and I am blessed by your encouragement. I think that is the ultimate compliment…to like my blog enough to want to share it with others. Thanks! I love you, Sis!



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