On Life…

Life is wonderful, life is hard and life is long…so don’t get stuck in the moment…there are better days to come.

Of course, if you are in a wonderful season, don’t expect it to stay that way…no matter how hard you try to control things and do the right thing, bad times will come. It is a fact of life. Every life. I mean, you just have to look at Jesus to see that no matter how good you are, bad things happen to even good people.

Why does that matter? Because our expectations have a way of tripping us up. This is due in large part to their beliefs and expectations. As an example, I remember one young woman who had to have a boyfriend and if she didn’t have one, pretended that she did because she believed that other single guys would think there was something wrong with her, that if she didn’t have a boyfriend, perhaps there was a good reason for that. Consequently, whenever she would break up with someone, even if that someone was undesirable, she was sent into an emotional tailspin…basically brought on by her own beliefs.

Here’s another example…
A young man and woman break up…and he thinks it’s the end of the world, believing he’ll never find another love such as this…while she responds with sadness but is not downhearted. She moves on with her life, knowing there are better times ahead. In time, they both find someone else and even discover that they learned something from their old relationship that they brought into this new one, making it even better. And life goes on…but meanwhile, the young man suffered much more than necessary. That suffering was due in part to his belief that she was his one true love and the resulting expectation that the future was now hopeless.
I have found that many people freak out when the bad times come, even becoming depressed, when in reality, there’s no reason to believe that things will not get better! Just as we read a book and throughout the chapters, we find people experiencing various difficulties, we know the book’s not over yet. We keep reading, hoping that things will work themselves out before the book is over. In fact, we’re counting on it! If we didn’t believe it, most of us would just put the book down and never finish it. When the bad stuff happens, we know we’re just in the middle of the book…not at the end. Yet, when bad things happen in some people’s life, they act like it is the end of the book. Even later, when things resolve themselves, they often don’t learn from their lesson. When the next bad day happens, they fall back into the old mindset of fear and depression.

It is wrong to expect everything to always go right…so why do we do that?


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