Summer Storm!

Thunder &  lightening and rain!  Oh, my!

I tell ya, there’s nothing like a thunderstorm in Missouri!  California ain’t got nothin’ like this!

We are in the middle of a summer storm tonight and the thunder just keeps crackin’ and rollin’!

And the rain!  What you talkin’ ’bout!  The heavens have opened up and have just poured and poured and poured!

Condee and I just came in from watching and listening to it.  We sat out on a swing on the deck off our bedroom.  It was amazing and so loud!  Believe it or not, it has been thundering and lightening and raining for over two hours now!  Condee said he’s never seen anything like it.  Maybe we should call it The Duracell Storm cause it just keeps going and going!  Don’t get me wrong…I’ve seen it rain for days…but I’ve never seen it thunder and lightning for two hours!  And get this…it’s doing that every minute!  Did I make myself clear?  I meant lightening every minute!

Now, that brings me to another revelation…not all lightening produces thunder!  I don’t remember ever knowing that.

Oh, no!  The news says that all this excitement (for us) has produced flooding for others!  I feel guilty for enjoying it so much.  Lord, help them…and help those who are helping them!

Until this storm lets up, there won’t be much sleepin’ goin’ on.

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