Things I Love…

Hi! I love so many things about my life! I love God and knowing that HE loves ME! I love my husband and knowing that HE loves me, too…even when he doesn’t show it.  I love our children and grandchildren and am always amazed that they’re such individual people!  I love my family and friends, some of them more than others and some of them I still love but don’t like much on certain days.  That’s life, isn’t it?

I love trees, hills and winding roads. I love learning and the internet. I love singing and reading, worship and praise! I love my husband’s cooking or should I say that I love eating his cooking?!  I love words and sentences!  Haha!  I love good communications even when I’m not involved in it.  I love the scriptures and finding out more about what Yehovah God has to say in them.  That’s His real name…His Hebrew name…”YHVH” which is pronounced “Yehovah”.  There are other ways that people pronounce His name and I respect their choices, too.  I love His amazing son, whose Hebrew name is “Yeshua” even though down through the years, it has become “Jesus” to most English speaking people.

I love helping others and leading people to God and the answers only He can give. I actually even love change because it’s the only way I can be ready for whatever God has for me, knowing that in the end, it’s all good!

I grew up in a home of eight children so maybe that’s why I also love being part of a team, working together towards the same goal. Hahaha! That does NOT mean that we were ever going towards the same goal in my family! Don’t EVEN think THAT!!! Come to think of it, maybe that’s WHY I love being a part of a team…I am a middle child who probably wished for that and it probably helped point me in that direction. Hmmm…

Well, I think that tells you a lot about me. So, tell me…what do YOU love?

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