Are you sure it’s morning?

I woke up early recently to get out the door for an important early morning meeting.  This is out of the norm for me and to top it off, the time change made it dark where the sun would have been rising before the time change.

Our new kitten, Simba, sleeps with us throughout the night and usually waits to get up until the sun is up.  If I get up to get a drink or turn up the thermostat, he usually waits for me to come back.  If I think he is about to hop down and follow me, I pick him up and carry him with me.  That way, he stays sleepy and goes back to sleep with me…and won’t try to wake me up to play.

Well, that particular morning, I had to get up in the dark and actually take a shower and start getting ready.  It was so funny as he looked at me with those sleepy eyes, wondering when I was ever going to come back to bed.  I carried him around for a few minutes as I turned up the heat and got the shower started.  The funny thing was that he kept yawning and yawning!  Then, he’d look at me as if to say, “What are you doing up, Mommy?  Are you sure it’s morning?”  Once I got in the shower, he went back to sleep.  That’s when I realized, “You know you’re up early when your KITTEN goes back to sleep!”

I wish my cat understood…

I wish my cat understood…

I wish she understood English so I could explain why she can’t come in the house right now.

I wish I could explain about those chiggers and ticks…I’d tell her what they’re doing to her and then I’d tell her that she is bringing them into the house and then depositing them on the carpet, beds and couch, whether she means to or not.

I wish I could explain that the new kitten is not to replace her and that really he wants to be her friend.

I wish my cat understood that her human family NEEDS to SLEEP ALL NIGHT and they don’t want to get up and play with her or let her outside…again!

I wish my cat understood…because if she did, she’d be a happier cat!