Have Faith & Stay Calm

I watched the movie “10.5” today. It is about a series of earthquakes that hit the west coast. In order to prevent one that will destroy the west coast, they decide to set several nuclear explosions underground to seal off the San Andreas Fault.

Of course, there are the usual elements…people in authority who don’t listen to the person who understands what is going on and wants to take drastic measures to save as many lives as they can. An evacuation (this one of the whole west coast), the usual arguments over those who want to stay to help others but want their loved ones to go (they always promise that they’ll all be together again) and the usual evacuation congestion, etcetera.

While watching this movie, I learned or was reminded of several things:

1. Don’t freak out. If you stay calm, you can think more clearly and get more accomplished.

2. Carry a photo of yourself and your loved ones. They may be needed!

3. Keep a whistle and water nearby. Being prepared for emergencies is something you can’t avoid and must do.

4. Have faith…big faith. If you don’t, you’ll give up. The people who believed, made a difference. The others gave up, got in the way, made things more difficult for others than they already were, scared others, causing them to freak out, got in the way of progress, etcetera.

5. If you are in a place of authority, listen to your advisers…but make your own decision. You’ve got to follow your gut. YOU are the one who was given the position and that was no mistake. Listen…but then YOU decide what to do.  Ultimately, you will be the one held accountable for the decision so you need to be sure that the decision is one that YOU chose because YOU will have to live with it for the rest of your life.